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Today, when it hit 103 degrees, the a/c in my 2008 Nitro SXT 4x2 decided to have trouble working. It would go from cold, to cool, to cold again, in a span of about 3 minutes. And it continued repeating this cycle. Different vehicle speeds, changed the fan speed/temp/direction and it didn't matter. I estimate the temperature difference was probably around 15 degrees between cold and cool.

Last time I used the a/c was yesterday, and it worked fine. I've used it off and on as needed since February, and never had this problem.

Any ideas? I'm about to take it to the dealer.

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It hit 90 here and I went to town to pick up dinner. When I got home the Nitro finally was cooling down. About 15 min each way. 1/2 of that at 45 mph. I will have to have the AC checked again. Last year I took it in and the Tech said that it was operating within "acceptable parameters". It has never blown cold, just cool. My wife's Hyundai blows so cold, it actually makes your hand hurt if you keep it in front of the vent.
Does anyone know what the "acceptable parameters" are? (NitroTech?)
Duh, I should practice what I preach. I Did a search and answered my own question. :rep: If I could.
Thanks again to NitroTech. Sorry for the hijack, NorCalMotorist.
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