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:mad: This past week has caused me a massive headache. Pleading for help.
My car is a 2007 Nitro manual.

Almost every time I switch the engine off, it will not restart in the normal manner. When I turn the key to the first resistance all the dash lights come on as expected, when I then turn the key further to start the car all the dash light go off and absolutely nothing happens under the bonnet (hood).

While the car is running it's perfect, it does not miss a beat. I have just completed a 260 mile round trip, I didn't stop and turn the engine off in case it wouldn't start again. :confused:

The battery is good, jump leads don't make any difference, I've checked fuses and relays to no avail. I had to call a breakdown service out one time and he could not diagnose the problem but towed me and the car started with a bump start

Without fail, if the car is left over night it has always started normally in the morning.

Any suggestions please, I have not encountered this problem with any car I've owned.

Many thanks for reading and any help offered.
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