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iPhone and uConnect: No worky

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Just bought my iPhone and got rid of my T-Mobile Wing (on eBay for sale if anyone's interested....)

Anyway, the Wing worked great with the uConnect system. I used it every day with no problem whatsoever. I removed the pairing of the Wing from the uConnect portion of the myGIG entertainment system and proceeded to pair the iPhone. The pairing went 100% smooth and I was happy.

Then I tried to make a call. First I went through the voice prompts as always and it said dialing. My iPhone said it was dialing and the audio option was uConnect. Immediately after that the "beep-beep" of the uConnect was heard and the radio came back on all the while the phone was dialing, thinking it was connected to uConnect still.

I tried the same thing again, this time dialing from my phone instead of through uConnect. The uConnect display on the radio never came on, but the phone says it was connected to uConnect.

I called uConnect support and spoke with 3 different people who told me the same thing: hold down the uConnect phone button and the Voice Recognition button above it at the same time for 15 seconds. Shut off the car, open the door (so the radio goes off) and wait 30 seconds. Reboot the iPhone, delete and re-pair the device to uConnect. Did that and still doesn't work.

I am going to bring it into the dealer tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do but it's not looking too good. Maybe disconnecting the battery to the Nitro will reset the radio completely? I don't know.

Anyone else out there have an iPhone that is working with the myGIG in their Nitro. According to uConnect, the iPhone is a compatible device (and there are posts on the Internet about people successfully using it).

It's not the bluetooth in the phone because I can connect the iPhone easily to my Motorola headset and that works fine.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!

'07 Nitro R/T Inferno Red
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