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yep coolant is antifreeze, you mix the coolant with distilled water NOT tap water, it should tell you on the bottle how much to dillute the antifreeze,
make sure you do some research on flushing the heater core, and bleeding the air out of the cooling system when refilling the coolant, don't go on a long drive untill you are 100% sure the cooling system is full,
are you flushing the heater core because you have heater issues ?,
Many coolants are coming 50/50 premixed these days. Don't dilute even further it it's already 50/50 premixed.

Hey guys
About to do a heater core flush and remembered hearing about using antifreeze (do they mean coolant?) at the final stage (pump it through until water is gone)

Is coolant the same as antifreeze for heater core?

I use the recommended coolant/antifreeze OEM HOTA

The coolant/antifreeze is called HOAT. A common version of HOAT is Zerex G-05. It comes concentrated or premixed. It's cheaper to buy concentrated, and then add distilled water.
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