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Jeep uses glue on front end

Dow Automotive’s Betamate low energy substrate adhesive (Lesa) will be used in the front-end carriers of two Dodge vehicles this year – the 2007 Dodge Nitro and 2007 Jeep Wrangler.

The front-end carriers, designed and manufactured by Decoma International, used the adhesive to ensure greater design flexibility, weight reduction and streamlined manufacturing techniques.

“In the traditional assembly of hybrid front-end carriers, the metal reinforcement is attached to the plastic using mechanical techniques such as rivets, heat stakes or over-moulding,” said Dave Recktenwald, plastic bonding market development manager at Dow Automotive. “Using Betamate, the metal reinforcements and plastic parts can be optimised for reduction of part thickness, resulting in significant weight savings and improved structural performance.”

The adhesive will bond long-glass filled polypropylene and e-coated steel with no pre-treatment or primers, claims the company.

Nitro doesn't need rivets, just gluuuuue, I guess!:i_rolleyes:
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