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Just came back from a 30 mile drive and Nitro won't start....

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Parked it, came back after about 20 minutes to start it and nada zippo bubkus. Starter won't turn. Lights come on dash, headlights bright, plenty of battery power. Turn the key and the usual and proper dash lights come on and go out as per the manual.

Swell. LOL

Called Dodge towing assistance and they were GREAT!!!! VERY IMPRESSED.

Getting towed to dealer I bought it from tomorrow morning. By chance, have any of you had this happen? Car has 1,700 miles on the odometer, build date of Nov. '06 and was purchased new in July '07.

Was plenty lucky it didn't die on me where I just came from too....out in the boonies. :cool:

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That happened to me a while back in my old car (Jeep)

The solution for me was shaking the shift handle (automatic) a little, and I guess it jostled the switch that determines that the vehicle is not in gear - I may have even shifted it to neutral and back to park - I don't remember for sure.

Anyway - it confused me for a few minutes, but I figured it out eventually. It never happened to me again, either.
There's a dubious prognosis, if I ever heard one!

Good luck, there!
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