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Just got my R/T!!

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Just picked up my new Stone White R/T from the dealership a few days ago. Already got a bunch of accessories on board -- side nerf bars, grill and hood bra, sunroof visor and a 6000K bi-xenon HID kit. Got some pics attached.

Now just waiting for someone to come up with a CAI...:D

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2. The true H13 connectors on the HID kit do not fit the factory headlight connector. You need to buy some split plugs so that you can adapt the connections...probably the 20-24 AWG will work (get those at any hardware store).
I just cut my H13 connector off on one side and hardwired it into the kit - i can always re-wire an H13 connector back on (not that I will need to) but this is much simpler and a better connection :) This is same kit I got, took me about 15minutes to install.

Your nitro looks great, except for the bra, but I know itll protect, etc etc etc its yours so enjoy! :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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