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Well I had to travel 167 miles one way in snow, fog, sleet, slush and rain but I finally got mine or I should say I got one for my wife (My wife thinks It's for her). It’s the SXT 4X4 Light Khaki, with the C package. I love the speed control. It keeps me from going too slow on our dirt roads. For those of you who think that a 4X4 is used for getting off the asphalt road and into your concrete dive-way, mine will be used on dirt roads, snow and hills. Got it home too late to take any pics last night so I took some first thing the this morning. I will send more in the spring when I the snow is gone and I can see what the NITRO looks like.

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Ok guys enough about the snow....LOL:Na_Na_Na_Na: I get that everyday too. Wait until you try the stability and traction control. Try turning tighter than you need on a snow covered section and you will be amazed how the Nitro will correct itself. With the system on you cant really get out of control.

Remember dont try this at home kids only for trained professionals or guys (guys in the south included) like us in empty parking lots:i_rolleyes:

Huntew welcome and enjoy your Nitro
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