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Just ordered my new Nitro R/T :)

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I just had a baby and well... my 2-seater Crossfire has to go :(. It's on a lease which expires in September so i'm just going to ride out the lease and turn it back in... in the mean time, test drove a Chrysler Sebring and a few other vehicles and they were "ok"... but then i saw this Nitro beast and had to test drive it... i LOVED it.. so, i ordered one but no one has a car with all the options I want (they had about 15 Nitros on the lot) so I ordered it! I hear it takes 2-3 months to get one right? That's ok.. for now...

So here's what i got...

The R/T 4x2 (no need for 4WD for me at all)
ALL the options including MyGig (I know, i hear this item takes a while!) and the rear DVD thingamajig.
The only options i did NOT get are the powered sunroof and the smokers package. otherwise, you name it, i selected it.
I chose the Cloth seats and ordered the Red on black since i'm getting a RED Nitro... yippee!! :ura1:

So, now the wait begins....

In case anyone wants to know what I'm paying... the MSRP altogether was about $32450 and I got it for $30400 which supposedly was about $500 over invoice.

As you can see, i had the Crossfire before (still have it for a little while) and so i like unusually styled cars which turn heads. This one will do it too, i'm sure of it!
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you will love your r/t the red is:4-jump2: i had a 06 ram that color (pre nitro) hated the wait love the R/T
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