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K&N Needs more 4.0L's in the Southern California Area!

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If you can spare your Nitro for a few days, please contact Reina at K&N Filters, they are looking for 2-3 more 4.0L Nitro's in the SoCal Area for R&D and Testing.

You will have to contact them for the exact time they need your vehicle, and compensation.

K&N Engineering, Inc.
1455 Citrus St.
Riverside, California 92507

Is the address you would want to be nearby to, contact information can be found on K&N's website(

You will be given a rental car, Chevy Malibu or equivalent.
You "should" be receiving a complimentary version of their full CAI once released.

The faster we can get some 4.0L's the faster we will have a sub-$400 source for 8-13HP!(dyno chart coming mid-July)


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Do they just need the vehicle for fitment and measuring testing or i'm guessing to dyno it as well. I'm asking cuz i think i might be outta luck having a Gibson exhaust already installed.
I doubt you are because I had my Gibson already installed also.
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