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L Front "Rub"

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Okay looking to hear from the TECHS on this one. I took my nitro back to the dealership where I bought it (about 300 miles away) over the weekend. While I was there I had them do my second oil change as it was overdue.

Some time after I pulled out if their lot and back on the freeway I started noticing a "rub" sound somewhere around the Left front wheel. It would increase in tempo as my speeds increased and you wouldn't hear it at all if the car wasn't moving.
To describe the sound it's a low growl (rubbing) noise that can be heard seperately from the engine. It's constant and increases in pitch (not necessarily volume) as the rotation or speeds get faster. Turning the wheel or applying the brakes make no change in the sound. Again, it's a low noise and if you rev up the RPM's while traveling, it drowns out in the engine noise. I've had pebbles and small rocks in my brake calipers from driving mountain passes already and that was a brake problem. This sounds nothing of the sort. At one time I almost thought one of my new mudflaps had come loose and was vibrating in the wind. It's definately a vibrating noise or a rub noise.

Yesterday I went for a short 10 mile drive and confirmed the noise is still present and didn't notice any heat from the wheel area after my drive. I doubt the dealership did anything to the vehicle to cause it. I had already spent 3 unplanned hours there and still had to make it back home plus it was pretty late in the day so turning around wasn't an option.

I refuse to take anything to my local dealership to get checked out so am making plans to take the vehicle to the one that's 132 miles away next Saturday.

My question for you Tech's, any idea what this might be noise-wise? I want to walk in with as much information as is possible on Saturday and get this handled.
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StreetDancer, no ryme or reason, could just be bad parts. But, they may have not been packed properly, bad lube product, poor mfg, or poor installation, or overtorqued. Lots of possibilities. It would be interesting to know who mfg. the bad wheel bearings though. See if you can get that info out of the svc. department. Just one more thing to put on the long list of things to watch out for, but may never happen.
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