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Lethbridge Dodge Dodge dealer in Alberta

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I bought my Nitro in May from Lethbridge Dodge and since then it has been in the shop 8 times all eight times has seen them fail to fix my satellite radio which has not worked yet, and they managed to replace the regulators for the rear door power windows on one occasion, However not even two days later after presumably fixing what had been a somewhat annoying grinding noise then became a window that was completely useless.

Their customer service has been bad as well. I have had to call everytime to find out when my parts have come in, as well as calling while the vehicle is in the shop to see if it is ready (I usually wait till 15 minutes before they close), or if they even looked at it (this happened once where I brought it in and had a scheduled appointment and it never got looked at that day).

I have spoken to the service manager, the sales manager, and the owner and basically got told that they didn't know how to fix my radio, and it would be 3-4 weeks before they knew more, that they didn't have enough good techs, and that they were suffering some growing pains because the service department just can't keep up with the number of vehicles they are selling.

I've been told sorry so many times if I hear it again I'll scream, oh and one of the service writers on one occasion (when I had mentioned I was going on vacation) told me "at least you can still use your tuner and cd player" when he informed me that the sat radio was not fixed yet again.

Nope no free oil change offers, no discount offers, nothing, just a "we'll keep looking into it"

I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, I'm just frustrated. That's my rant
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There is one actually that's closer to my house (2 minutes away as opposed to 5 minutes away). Problem is, and the sad thing too, is that the owner of the problem dealership is also somewhat a friend of the famliy (he's friends with the mother-in-law and also good friends with some other mutual friends). But I think I will be going to the other dealership soon. There's only so much I can take.
Get a set :p and talk to this friend of the family/owner and tell him what a piss poor job his dealership is doing on your car?

Already tried to talk to I said above I talked to the owner, the service manager, and the new vehicle manager...and I told all of them what a piss poor juob this dealership was doing...and still got nothing...but I'll be taking my Nirto elsewhere now
Well three and a half months later they finally fixed the satellite radio (they actually replaced all of the wires and hardware this time). Just enjoyed my first opportunity to use it.

Sure they managed to stain the head liner and wreck the "A" pillar on the driver side but the radio is fixed. That being said they did rush "Big Blue" to the detail shop once we poited out the staining...and the service writer tried to clean it himself using brake and part cleaner which resulted in the stain getting spread out. The "A" pillar had to be taken out of another Nitro on the lot in order to make it stay in place. They were originally going to wait until the Niitro came back in for it's next oil change to fix it...

All and all at least the radio is fixed...on to better things.

Oh and my wife was basically told that she was a big meanny because some of the staff are scared of her, and all of their staff are good people.
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