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Lets play - Guess my new project!

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Lets see how long it takes for someone to guess what I am working on. This should be incredible simple.

Here is a pic where I am working. . . on something.

This pic shows the items at an intermediate stage, but not installed. What could they be?

What could I be doing with perforated stainless?
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Yes, side vents. I get my vehicle back from paint on Friday. If all goes well, by Saturday, I should have them back in one piece and on the vehicle. I am taking pics along the way and have already written a 'how to' up to this point. With the assembly pics, I will be done.

Tune in and look for the update this weekend!
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The first pic shows the two pieces of plate steel that I cut out to shape the perforated stainless around. The plate steel, what I call blanks, are exactly the same size as the plastic faux perforated vent area on our side fender vents. The blanks allow the perforated stainless to have the correct depth to inset into the groove in the side vents.

Once you read my 'how to' this weekend, if you have the tools, you can do this yourself.

The stainless could be polished. I prefer the finish you see so it will contrast against the three chromed pieces on the stock vent.
aftermarket whale tail?? :Banana01:
Hehehehe, how funny. I didn't think of that one!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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