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Liftgate closing effort

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I swing shut the liftgate w/ an effort that should latch it properly but when I get in the vehicle, the 'LIFTGATE AJAR' is displayed on the EVIC. I have to get out of the car, open the liftgate and close it w/ a lot of force to make sure I don't have to get out of the car again. :mad:

It happens to me many times. And some of you might say that's relative to how much I force I think is necessary to close it properly. But let me tell you, I have had a Durango, a Commander, a Grand Cherokee and a Pacifica before and I know how much it took on those vehicles to close the liftgate properly, which is the same I do on the Nitro. In the assembly plants, they go through a process of checking and adjusting all the door and liftgate closing efforts. I have a feeling since the Nitro is new, they have to refine that process. Or maybe, I'm the only one who has that problem on the liftgate. The doors are ok.
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I had that problem when I first got it but then I realized that it was simply figuring out how much force to use. I sensor most likely needs adjustment if you know for certain that the gate is closed. Right now my passenger side rear door doesn't shut very well if all of the windows are closed; must be an airtight vehicle.:thk:
Don't have the problem, my boss has r/a pretty advanced & even she can lift & close ours with no problem. Better have the dealer check it out could be simple adjustment.
It may just be overcoming the resistance of the gas shocks. I noticed that as soon as I open the lift gate, that door is swinging open in a hurry.
I'm worried about allowing it to fly open and breaking something.
Haven't had any problems with this and it's my first time owning anything with a hatch! Maybe I'm just a strong girl lol
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