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Load N Go

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Hey everyone,

been enjoying my nitro for a few weeks now, just made a trip from baltimore to vermont and back again with no hassles handled great in the snow. I did have a container of tire shine burst in the rear cargo area and it all oozed beneath the Load N Go, does anyone know if its possible to completely remove it from the slide rails and take it out? I dont want this stuff drying and getting sticky or gumming up the works down there. Any advice would be helpful.

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Not sure have not cked. it out but it seems to work just like a cabinet drawer in your kitchen, should be a release on each rail to let you pull it out will look at mine later & let you know. Or someone who has already done it will pop up.:wave:
Ick...sorry about that. You may also need a pint of Goo Gone to get that cleaned up and finish it off with a good quality vinyl preservative so it doesn't dry out too much.
great tip HVN thanks forgot about the cleanup , , I really need some youth juice these senior moments are getting to me again.:beerchug:
the owners manual says you can take it out and turn it over, so it must come out easily...
Here you go , only the SXT has the flip tray. To remove the tray in the SLT & RT pull it back as far as you can then inside the truck (might lay the r/seats down makes it easier) under the tray on each rail is a catch bright colored press down on both catches & push back(toward rear of truck) tray will slide right out will need an extra set of hands to hold tray or you may not need to slide it all the way to clean up the mess can't tell you that part slide tray back in place when done latches will catch on their own going back in , Hope this is plain enough to understand. Dan
im right in the middle of an install and i cant get load and go out i have rt please help?
Do you mean it won't move or won't pull all the way out?
im right in the middle of an install and i cant get load and go out i have rt please help?

1.Position the rear seats in the forward position.

2.Remove the load floor panel (1) from the load floor (2) and the rear seat bracket (3).

3.Remove the nuts (2) from the load floor (1).

4.Lift the rear of the floor panel (1) up and rearward to release from the body hooks (4).

5.Remove the load floor (1) from the vehicle.
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Okay I'm apparently a complete idiot or someting isn't right. Can anyone explain in vivid detail with pictures and or diagrams on how to remove just the sliding tray. Seems like it should come out.

I've seen Danpfay99 explaination but I'm not seeing any catches or releases underneath the tray or any place for the matter :( .

I'd really like to be able to easily remove this thing occasionally

A Flustered Opieos
Hey Opieos,
Above your post are instructions as to how to remove Load N Go, but it's not such an easy process. Things are bolted in (hence: the 400 lb load rating).

Maybe your confusing the removable\flipable tray that comes in the SXT with the Load n Go option?
Thanks Airjunky

I thought I had read that with the R/T model it was possible to just remove the tray by "pressing clips or catches and sliding it off the rails" and not the whole unit (by un bolting).

I really wish that there was a way to do this. I need about 2 more inches of head room for the items I like to haul around on a regular basis.
Whatever you do dont pull these springs of the load n go thinking they are the release. I tried removing load and go and cant figure it out but i did manage to break it, now it slides in and out without locking.
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