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Looking at a Nitro

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Hello from SoCal. My wire is looking at getting a Nitro to replace
her 03 Grand Caravan. I've been a member over at Charger Forums
since (actually before, with a lot of lurking) I bought it last year.
I just figured there would be a similar forum for Nitros and well...
there is... so here I am.

The one she wants to get is an 07 Silver SLT w/ G package, 20's, U-connect
and sunroof. It lists at $27,370 and they want $23,300. Anyone do better?
Also, is the sunroof problematic like on the Charger, i.e leaks, rattles, etc..?
There's another one she likes that has no sunroof but adds the remote
start and full size 20" spare for a few hundred less.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

Oh, saw the thread about the leak on the NAG1 tranny. FYI a very common
issue with the Charger, there's a TSB for it on the LX's. They just replace
the O-ring on the harness, under warranty. So when you see the red puddle
under your car just get it to the dealer.

Wow, what a long winded hello. :D
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love the charger....get the nitro...she will love it, take it from a girl!! let us know how it all truns out!!
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