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Looking for Upstate New York Nitro Owners...

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I know I've seen a few Nitro's around....Maybe that's why I want a Nitro sooooo bad. Thinking of a Black SLT....maybe in a month or two...waiting for the Syracuse Auto show. Then maybe I'll jump in and order me a SLT Black/tow package/with a few goodies. In the future maybe an Upstate New York Nitro Club...It could be HUGE!!!!!! Does anyone else want to punch Billy Fucillo in the face? LOL!!!! Gman
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It could be HUGE!!!!!! Does anyone else want to punch Billy Fucillo in the face? LOL!!!! Gman
They recently opened their first dealership in Rochester, selling Hyundais. Now I know what all you guys in Buffalo and Syracuse have been agonizing over..

Good luck Nitro hunting!
On the 26th of Feb. (Monday) we went to Fucillos to test-drive. We ended up liking the Nitro, and being the end of crappy month they wanted the sale on February's books. They let us take it until Wednesday, when we said we'd be in to talk. (they wanted sticker -$23,145- they also quoted us at 7.9%) Rates are high right now.
We waited until Wednesday and called them, saying that Burdicks in Syracuse had the same vehicle and would sell for $21,900 at 6.7%) Ole' Bill was there that day and he waved his wand and made it so for that price at 6.6%.
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Utica here

I got mine at Carbone in Utica, I can't drive down a street with out seeing his face on a bus.
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Have you been happy with your purchase "billy world"? Ironically was there window shopiing for a Nitro today. Not sure where to go wasn't overly happy with Burdick from a prior purchase on a Nissan Quest

Southern Tier Owner Checking In


Well, Broome County isn't quite as far upstate as most of the others who've posted to this thread, but thought I'd check in on this one anyway.

We picked our Inferno Red R/T up back at the end of Feb from Miller Dodge in Vestal....and we've been loving it ever since.

Glad that winter looks like it's almost finished - I don't know if I'll ever buy another in Feb! Hard to see it so dirty when it's so new.

P.S. - Never bought from Billy, but he has (or had) a dealership just south of the border in Hallstead, PA. Got a kick out of the first. Now they're just annoying!

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Come on Upstate

Nothing going on here, how did everybody do with the storm Monday? Got about 9in here, Nitro ran like it was summer , I only needed 4wd to get out of my driveway :Racing:
we are a bunch of slackers!

;) Gees nothing here sense 4/18, whats going on guys and girls? All out driving in the good weather we have had?anybody using the A/C ? I have some its not bad I have seen a few complaints in the forum ,anyone interest In a get together this summer? How about the new post by Pe0n about the national / international club any thoughts? :cool:
Calling all cars

Nobody here? not a lot in this area
hey MaMa

What wegmans? :wavey:
ahh ok

I go to the one in Geneva now and then , my daughter goes to hws ;)
Come on NY!

Hey how about some posts here; how has everybody's summer been going? anyone take any good Nitro trips? :wave:
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