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Looking to possibly buy an 08 Nitro

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What do I need to know ?

I know 07s had major tranmission issues.

Whatelse does a new potential owner need to be aware of ?

How do I get the lowest price ?
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Going looking at the dealer right now.

What do I need to look for ?
Well, the wife and I went and test drove one yesterday afternoon and LOVED it!

Found out she NEEDS to have the Power Seat option. Wanted the leather seats, but we want to keep it under 28k (if possible).

That's when I found out the SXT does NOT have the Power seat option. :cool:

Need to upgrade to an SLT to get Power Seats. Also found out that the "F" (as in 24F Option) gets one the CLOTH power seats. The SLT "G" option (as in 24G) is the leather seat option.

Dodge is a PITA with option upgrades. You can NOT just order leather seats. It comes in a COMPLETE Package to include the MyGIG stuff. We don't want all the bling, but do want the power seats.

The dealer will be searching for an SLT "F" Option w/Power Seats and a moonroof for us.

One BIG snafu we hit was that a friend of mine (Retired Chrysler Employee) gave me an Employee # to use. That gets a vehicle at 1% UNDER Dealer Invoice. Found out it EXPIRED at midnight last night. :mad: I was told I had (30) days to use it. (Got it 12/16).

Not for sure yet if the dealer is going to HONOR the Employee number or not. We did fill out "Preliminary" paper work yesterday (12/31) afternoon.

Need to clear this up on Wednesday. Also, the $750 Rebate Expires at midnight tonight as well.

Not sure how this is all going to end up... :rolleyes:
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