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lousy gas mileage

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my nitro is now 3 months old with approximately 3,600 on it and my mileage is miserable. as for mileage i am getting about 15.0 to 16 mpg. most of my trips are short as my office is 12 miles away from home and back most days round trip and the rest is running to see a sick parent in a nursing home 70 miles both ways with the cruise control on locked at 55.

curious as what the rest of us are doing
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im getting 13.2 with all town driving. But i only have 550 miles on it.
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I averaged 26.8 MPG on a 100 mile - 95% highway trip.. ~75-85MPH, no cruise control or A/C :)
And of course the main thing was you looked good doing it!:Racing:
My dads nitro has about 2k miles on it and hes getting like 18 mpg.
The problem we've all had is that we've read the "official" fuel consumption figures and we take those as being gospel. The fact is those figures are a total load of bollocks (B.S to you North American readers).

I quote from the Canadian Natural Resources Fuel Consumption Guide 2007...

Simulated Highway Course - "The highway test simulates a 16 km (10 mile) trip with an average speed of 77 kph (48 mph) and a top sped of 97 kph (60 mph). The test runs for 13 minutes and does not include any stops. However, the speed varies to simulate different kinds of rural and highway roads. The test begins from a hot engine start."

I don't know about the rest of you, but the only time I do 97 Kph on the highway is once on the way to 120 kmh (75 mph) and once on the way to stopping. Therefore unless you drive at the same speed 77 kph (48 mph) all the time with the occasional acceleration to a "whopping" 97 kph, no you're not going to get anywhere near the official figures they quote.

Jeeps are well known for not being fuel efficient, so if anyone buys a Nitro, which basically has the same engine, and expects to get 25 ~ 30 mpg in the city and 35+ on the highway and is upset by it's thirstyness it's their own fault, they should have done their homework first before buying.

Anyway that being said, yes the mileage ain't the best but the Nitro is still COOOOOOOL !!! :D
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