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Lovin' my new Matchbox!

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We traded my 03 Passat in for a 2007 Nitro R/T. We love it!:Racing:

Seriously, it is good to be in a truck again. We love the 4.0L engine, the dubs, and the styling that looks as though some very forward thinking 8 year olds dived into their Matchbox collection to design.

I have been waiting for a truck like this for years!

I know this is not the right place/forum to ask this question, but I am hoping that someone will help point me in the right direction.

I have seen some upgrades for the exhaust system on the 3.7, and I am showing my technical ignorance here but is there anything in the way of a Cat Back type exhaust for the R/T's 4.0? Or does it not matter?

Also, can someone point me in the direction of some decent taillights. I think the style I am trying to find are called Turner lights? Not sure... The euro-style lights that are all silver/white...





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Altezza? Excellent!

What your looking for are 'Altezza Taillights' and to my knowledge there aren't any available yet. I am on the lookout also so if you see any be sure to post it here.

Will be on the lookout Lil!

I think that our very bland rear-ends need some help!:thk:


I love this stuff

1. Try debadging?
2. Try a spoiler?
3. Try the chrome little strip on ebay for the bottom of the liftgate?
4. Find a sponsor, get the back of your car wrapped with ad an and make some $ off your nitro?

How often do you worry about the back of your car's looks? you sit inside and face forward?

If you are afraid the people behind don't have anything nice to look at, how about a 42" LCD dropdown for the tailgaters? I bet KICKERnitro could stew something up.
So once I set down the now mostly empty glass of milk I was drinking and toweled up the remainder I had sprayed, rather violently, out of my nose I actually had to take the time to consider that you were not being sarcastic but rather very strongly opinionated on this subject.

OK, I can see how Altezzas could be very bad for the derrier of my ride, but something to consider. I have a Silver Nitro. I kinda like the idea of whitening out or perhaps silvering out the overall exterior of the truck. Big fat RED brake lights do not necessarily help with my idea of what I like.

These are ugly:

But I am hoping for somethign that is all white, no black, and the red I see is the light itself.

As for your other suggestions.

The chrome sounds nifty and I will look into it.

The Spoiler, again not bad, it certainly helps accentuate my wifes xB. Lord knows that little box needs all the help it can get.

Sponsors... What Mary Kay? I am in the Navy, perhaps, the 1 800 number across my Matchboxes fender.... Yeah! Now that is hot.:loser1:

Yes, you are right, I am in the front accruing mileage by the minute, however, I back into my driveway (a tribute to my very suppressed red-kneck origins, ie Nawth Kackalackee) and when I walk out to my "ride" I am getting a full on bent over mooning by my Matchbox. All I see are those two glaringly red postules, zits, spots of acne... seriously I am running out of metaphors here...

I am even thinking of eventually getting the tint changed to a silverish tint. Not sure how that will turn out so I am hesitant.

42" inch Flat Screen?!?!? Good lord man! My TV is only 25". Mind you my computer monitor is almost as big but that is a geek of another flavor entirely.

Alright, I am currently stuck in the desert (africa) acctually and am getting a little homesick for all things American and clean... emphasis on clean.


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