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Lovin' my new Matchbox!

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We traded my 03 Passat in for a 2007 Nitro R/T. We love it!:Racing:

Seriously, it is good to be in a truck again. We love the 4.0L engine, the dubs, and the styling that looks as though some very forward thinking 8 year olds dived into their Matchbox collection to design.

I have been waiting for a truck like this for years!

I know this is not the right place/forum to ask this question, but I am hoping that someone will help point me in the right direction.

I have seen some upgrades for the exhaust system on the 3.7, and I am showing my technical ignorance here but is there anything in the way of a Cat Back type exhaust for the R/T's 4.0? Or does it not matter?

Also, can someone point me in the direction of some decent taillights. I think the style I am trying to find are called Turner lights? Not sure... The euro-style lights that are all silver/white...





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What your looking for are 'Altezza Taillights' and to my knowledge there aren't any available yet. I am on the lookout also so if you see any be sure to post it here.
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