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Low Fuel Warning....

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I normally don't get too low on fuel but the other day I ran until the light came on. Information center said I still had 34 miles left. Have anyone of you ran lower or ran out completely?? Just wondering.:wavey:
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yep....i've...."done it"....i admit...i starved my nitro....the first time i've ever..."done it" (and the last time)

i can only tell you what it sounds like.....

doo dah dee dah doo dee la la (that would be me)... then...PUH!(that would be the Nitro)...then silence as you coast your way over to the side of the highway.

wasn't fun....not at all.

oh, when the needle gets right at the very end, not past...get ready for the "PUH" sound.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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