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Low Fuel Warning....

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I normally don't get too low on fuel but the other day I ran until the light came on. Information center said I still had 34 miles left. Have anyone of you ran lower or ran out completely?? Just wondering.:wavey:
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I have run mine down to less than 0 miles remaining. It was my last fill-up and it was raining so I kept on putting it off. I ended up getting soaked anyway, it was the day after Christmas. When I filled up, I pumped just over 18 gallons. I think even at the low fuel warning there is over 2 gallons of fuel remaining in the tank. This was the one time I did this, and this was the most I have ever pumped at one time.
I pumped in 19 gallons this morning..low fuel light came on yesterday. Unfortunately, UN-like my Dakota R/T, this one doesn't caount down DTE until 0. I just get a 'Low Fuel' reading in the EVIC.

On another note, HV...are you on the DBSTalk message board for the HR20 DVR? There is a HighVoltage username there from Texas (yeah, I's a fairly large state. lol).
I have visited that site, but i didn't inhale. . .
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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