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Magnaflow Exhaust - Finally converted the pictures for posting

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Whats up guys! So i finally got these pics converted so i can post them. Some are of installation and others are of the vehicle finished. Check them out and if you have any question please feel free to ask them and i will answer them.
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is the pipes proximity to the bumper of concern to anyone (I really don't know)? I know they can get hot...any worries about burning?

I wanna get this system!
Great stuff there MrOakStreet,looking good . How does it sound, Looks like it went in without much of a problem. Hopefully mine will get here this week.:pepper:
Tip to close to bumper response

On my other car it was a problem ( Check it out in the pic, that car was my old pride and joy ) but i think with the Nitro it shouldn't be. If i had access to my lift on friday night i would have pulled the Nitro right on that bad boy and that would have made my life a lot easier but i couldn't. Also if it was on a lift you can adjust the hangar to have the tip go down. But i will keep you posted on that issue.
Exhaust Sound response

It's not to low and not to loud but you have to be around 2300 - 2700 RPM to start really hearing it. in idle you will hear a slight difference but once again once you get moving it sounds amazing. I personal think from looks, to sound and to performance this is the exhaust to go with. Price is very fare and product is A+ :Racing:
Nice. The quality looks great. Are all of the Magnaflow parts the same or heavier guage than the Dodge parts? If so, I'd imagine it would last longer than a factory unit.
It would be cool to hear one too. Don't want to sound like some ricer with a fart can on his Honda....:Racing:
AirJunky , I've had 2 magnaflow cat backs on Daks I owned & their quality can't be beat not slamming anyone else but all my experience with magnaflow would rate A1 for fitment , product quality & sound. long lasting can't say as I trade every two years but they were still A1 when I traded them in.
I'm not seeing anything either.:worthless:
I think the pics need to be reposted I dont see any either
Yes this thread is from a year ago but there are a few in his gallery here; MrOakStreet
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