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Magnaflow Exhaust

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Found this:

I am going to call them today to see if they have it yet.

They have the dyno specs posted, so, maybe.
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I can tell you they definitely won't have that in stock.
Yea theyhad a deal like that on the site forever when the 05 Daks came got tired of waiting & went with Aero Turbine.
Oh well, I called them and no. Projected stock date:??????

I then went by MIDAS. They want $1800 to custom bend manifold back duel exhaust. He says he can install it without removing the spare tire. Needless to say, I am still looking.
We were just informed today that Magnaflow's Nitro exhausts are out of production and are ready to start shipping out. Manufacturer dyno numbers were 10 Horsepower & 14 ft-lbs Torque:

Not bad numbers at all.

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Has anyone been quoted a price yet?
Let us know when you can , love the sound magnaflow makes had em on 2 diff. Daks 99 v6 & 03 v8 can't beat that rumble.:4-jump2:
We're finally set up so here's the link:

Magnaflow 16702 Performance Exhaust

Just select the forum member drop down in the options and you will automatically see the discounted price in your basket. If you have any questions or problems, just let me know.

Joshua, HHP
Price not bad

I checked out the link and that's not a bad price at all with the discount!

I want to do a CAI first though.
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