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Making Nitro Memories

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Today was a great night.

After work, we took out our 3 kids for a dinner to celebrate my son's graduation from Elementary and my Middle daughter's grad from Middle school.

Leaving dinner with my lovely wife in the passenger seat and my college daughter with the 2 grads in the back was a drive to remember.

Just a short drive home, but something about that moment....just great.
It was hot as hell but we opened up the sunroof, rolled down the windows and cranked up the Sirius radio. Blasting down the on ramp to I40 at 6,000RPM in 2nd gear the kids all stuck there hands up as if on a roller coaster and yelled a sigh of relief that summer was finally here.

I have had faster cars, bigger cars and more luxurious ones, but there is just something about this little truck that keeps me feeling young.

Can any of you share some Nitro memories that that you have made?

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My Nitro Memory

Of course you all know about my nightmare with the first Nitro I had and let me tell you it was a nightmare, but on too the good memory.

I will never forget when I picked up the second Nitro. It was May 8, 2007. My Dealer finally called and said come and pick it up. I had to sign all the papers all over again. Leave a check for the first months payment. Then just hanging around looking at all the new cars in the show room. Then it was about 9 or 9:30 when he got my Nitro and drove it and parked it up on the sidewalk under the lights. Remember now I got the SXT model the basic but with the C package. I am standing there looking out the show room window with a friend who was nice enough to take me to the dealer that night. It rolls up and I look out in AWE it is the best looking SUV I have ever seen. All shiny and glistening. I am looking at it and I remember thinking but this is not the one ordered. It was the SXT with the apperance package. The nice bigger tires the nicer rims and of course the painted fender flares. We look at the whole Nitro all around with a fine tooth comb perfect no dents no scratches just beautiful. Ok now we move into the vehicle he is explaning everything he says look Temp reading compass reading and of course the switch for the fog lamps. Shows me the a/c controls and then the radio an in dash 6 disc player which was an extra as well. And too this day when I look at it I cant believe that it is mine.

So there you have it my long winded post of my first memory of my second Nitro.

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