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more pics of navus installed

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Steve I hope you see this post couple more pics tried to get side views to better show the way its mounted. It really works great & looks good IMHO even down to no more arrows showing which way you are going has a little car or truck instead(I use the truck), and a slot for a flash card but the whole USA, Canada & Alaska are already loaded in it.
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thanks for the pics Dan. Those help alot. I will use those as reference when I install mine. What do you think of the unit so far. Is it accurate? I thought the screen may be a little small. Do you find that to be an issue?
No problem so far & every place I've put into it when she says destination on right or left. it's right there. The screen is big enough, I've had no problems reading street names & stuff. besides that gal is always telling you like left turn in 100' keeping you informed.
don't mean to belabor the issue, but I haven't used one of these before. What are they capable of? I assume they accept addresses for your destination, is there other features that they have? Such as finding rest stops, or businesses by name, or gas stations and such? If I am boring you with all of my questions just tell me to stop. Thanks, Steve
Helped the boss put in a Garmin StreetPilot c330 today. Not being used to how they work I was watching and learning. He had to put in the state, street, house #, etc and it started out with the directions. Guess all is well in the navigation world.
I'm Irish ever heard of one of them that would not start talking at the drop of a hat. The navas has over 100,000 points of interest( gas Sta.,motels,hotels, restaurants, rest stops, etc.) When you put in your destination , it asks if you want points of intrest & when like in 50 mi. 100 mil. 200 mil. what ever. This is the 3rd. one I've had since 2002 & they just keep getting better & smaller. This one is the smallest I've had & has at least 4 times the features of any of the others & that includes the MB ml350 I just sold.
that sounds great Dan. Thanks for the input. I have a little of the Irish blood myself:) Can you actually put in names like burger King and such or does it call out all points of interest?
It just calls out points of interest , not by name,Anything I can help with let me know.
thanks Dan. I will call on you as needed. Now I just need a nitro to install it in!
Not to worry. Good things come to those who wait.
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