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More Sunburst Orange R/T Photos...

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The weather was awesome today so I took full advantage.

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Looks sweet, I cant wait til these line of storms passes through for I can wash my Nitro..
Realy nice!

Looks great! Like the brake calipers :rockon:
Sometimes its the simple things that look good............
I love adding little details that people may not see right away. My Speedster is full of them.
Looks great buddy. I washed my Red RT yesterday (rained today!) and added some tire shine...holy cow did the rims glow like yours. The tires where shining and sooo black I loved it. Hopefully the weather out here in Seattle will let me touch up the tires again and show my baby off!
Nice Rennie.....too bad they ain't making them anymore.......can you clean up my wife's orange nitro r/t? it's a little dirty.....

Is the sunroof air deflector a factory piece
The weather was awesome today so I took full advantage.

Is the sunroof air deflector a factory piece
No, it's not. There are ones available thru Mopar or the various aftermarket sites carrying Nitro parts.

Or heres a little tip, check Ebay under phrases like "sunroof deflector", "moonroof deflector", "sunroof AVS", etc. Don't use "Dodge Nitro" is the point. But be sure to get one that lists the length long enough (34"). I paid $7 for one on Ebay, plus $9 shipping, and it was brand new, still in the packaging.

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great car!
loving the calipers man!
what type of paint did you use and how long did it take you?
great car all round man! happy driving!:ylsuper:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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