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I loathe the lane change "feature"--where if you tap the stalk it blinks only 3 times.
It's a neat idea but implementation is terrible. Half the time I want to actually turn on the signal it only triggers the lane change temporary feature instead, and often I have to try several times to get it to actually go on. It's so sensitive that half the time when I return the stalk to center it trips it to signal in the other direction.

Is there any chance there's an alternate part number for the switch that doesn't have the "feature"?
The signal arm on my 2010 Nitro is goofy too. Barely brush it and it does the 3 blink thing, want to engage it fully and it's way to resistant.

None of the steering wheel stem switches seem very well engineered to me. My cruise control is a nightmare. It's like having a new hobby while driving.
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