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Multi-Plug Switch for Trailer Wiring

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Hey all,
I've got my oem hitch installed now, but i'm having trouble finding the thread on here where there was information posted about a multi-plug that you can plug both 7 and 4 wire into.
I thought there was a Hoppy Multi-tow switch where you could plug the 4 wire harness (118421) in on the back of the multi-tow switch and then just plug into it on the front with the trailer???
I was at the store yesterday and looked at 2 of the Hoppy multi switches and they only had a spot on the back to plug the 7 wire into.

Could someone that has used the multi-tow switch let me know how it actually works? Keep in mind, all i want is the 4 wire, i don't plan on using 7 wire. I just want it so it looks factory.

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Mine came from the factory with the tow package and the 7 pin connector. The 4 wire uses an adapter that plugs into the 7 pin.
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