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A body – stock
A body – modified
B body – stock
B body – modified
E body – stock
E body – modified
Classic truck
Other 1900-2000
Other 2000 +
Ram 1st – 3rd Gen Stock
Ram 1st – 3rd Gen Modified
Ram 4th Gen Stock
Ram 4th Gen Modified
Viper Powered
300/Magnum V6
300/Magnum V8
Charger V6
Charger 5.7
Charger SRT
Challenger V6
Challenger 5.7
Challenger SRT
LX Stock
Best Paint
Best Theme
Farthest Traveled
Best Lighting
Best Engine Bay
Best Interior
Best ICE
Best 4 Cyl
Best 6 Cyl
Best 8 Cyl
People Choice
Best In Show 1900-2000
Best In Show 2000+
Categories may be added later based upon registration numbers. If a Category ends up with less than 2 vehicles in it, the category will be combined with a like category if possible. If there are more than 5 in the category we will do 1st and 2nd place, more than 10 we will do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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