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My 1,000th Post -- The Long and Dusty Road to Supporting Membership

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This is my 1,000th post.

I first found myself here while shopping for --- something. This forum helped me decide that "something" had to be a Nitro.

Once I ordered my Nitro--- this Forum was my only way to endure the long wait.

I bought my JBA headers months before even having the Nitro.

After the Nitro came in, it is here that I obtained help with Mods.

The forum helped me through my first service visit.

Over these 1000 posts, I have shared my experiences, illustrated my mods, organized an international group buy (Assuming Waldorf comes to vist) and made new friends.

Those of you who are not supporting members, go back and visit some of your old posts and think again about pitching in to do something so that we all can travel this road for years to come.


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Congrats Ken and thank you for taking the time to help so many! This girl appreciates your generosity!!:smileup:

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