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My GiG Question

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Does anyone know if the MYGiG radio/nav system comes complet with the U-Connect??
Just wondering in case I have to order it from Mopar and install it myself.
Thanks!! J
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From what I know it dose not come with U-Connect. I am having to order my MyGig from the dealer. One of the reasons is if you have to order after the fact you will need to order the rear view mirror also that is were the mic is located.

That is what I was told.:loser1:
What is up with MYGig? I ordered my car with it a month ago (as the option became available) and the factory has an order number but no due date, no availability dates, etc. The dealer is of no help nor is Chrysler!
If the RT you bought already came with the Uconnect then it will be integrated with the MYGig. Other wise you'll have to buy one seperately.
I think it's in there. This is from the Kelly Blue Book web site. I think Dodge's build and price Nitro page adds these options when selecting MyGIG.

Infotainment System, Multimedia • R/T
(N/A SXT) (Req's Radio Equipment-RCY After 11-15-06) Includes UConnect Communication System, DVD Player (N/A in All States; See Dealer for Details), 20GB Hard Drive, GPS Voice Activated Navigation System w/Touch Screen, Auxiliary Input Radio Equipment, Sirius Radio Feature, Real-Time Traffic Reporting & Integrated USB 2.0 Port.

Sounds awesome. Waiting sucks.
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