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My R/T Due In This Week - Mods In Mind

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I got a call from the dealership (here in South Florida) that the R/T I ordered on April 15th will be in on Thursday.

The two add-ons I'd like to do are:

1) Carriage Works Lower Bumper Grille covers over the transmission cooler. I noticed the exposed coils when we were shopping for the R/T.

2) Leather console cover is a real score. The same company that makes these beautiful "identical match" leather covers, made it for the 300C. It is a pleasure to have soft leather on your right elbow.

Have any of you done either of these modifications?
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I would strongly recommend some kind of grill cover. I had a rock hit my AC condenser which let all the freon out.
Is that the A/C unit down there? I thought it was a cooler coil for the transmission fluid.
I got the black R/T this afternoon, all the paperwork at the dealership took a bit longer than expected.

We were going to do a moderate ride-about, but the sky opened up and the rain was relentless. We hit the "home" button on the Nav and that was pretty much it.

Does the navigation use a loaded disc? I didn't do much manual reading this evening.

I'll post back after we take it out for a nice run on the Florida Turnpike tomorrow. Pictures hopefully over the weekend.

Have a happy holiday weekend.

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