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My R/T handles in the Snow!

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I got a chance to put my R/T in 4WD today for the first time driving home from work in 2" to 3" of snow. Let me tell you... I was very impressed! I have had Jeeps, Mountaineers, and Explorers in the past and I would have to say that my new Nitro ranks right up there with the best of them... I put it to the test on some of my back roads and it handles great... I have to say I was leery with a performance based SUV like the R/T with 20" wheels but it performed wonderful. Just figured I'd pass this along to those who may be wondering.

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sweet! glad to hear you lik how it performs. I was playing with mine in a parking lot in 4x4 with esp in soft mode let me tell you I had fun and it handles better than I expected.
Awesome, thanks Lil'. I was actually wondering how the tires would perform in the winter. I'm looking at getting an R/T too and I was thinking that I will probably get 18inch wheels with winter tires for the winter and keep the 20's for the summer. I might hold off now for the first winter at least. Thanks again for the review.:beerchug:
Don't fool yourself, the Goodyears blow. As long as the truck is at speed or in only 2" of snow, it does great. But try getting started from a standstill in a foot of snow & you'll understand where I'm coming from, especially with a trailer hooked up to it.
I think the 4wd system works great. And with a descent set of tires, the truck will get around pretty good. Coming from a Subaru Outback & a Dodge Dakota, I think the Nitro will fall somewhere between those two, better than the Dakota & hopefully close to the Outback.
We've got some nice crappy snow here in Indy today, layered with sleet and freezing rain. My R/T gets through it, but you can tell the 20s aren't the best tire for the job, but it works ok. My '05 Dakota does better in the snow, but it obviously has more weight, wheelbase, and better tires for it. The R/T does fine, but I'm guessing the smaller wheels would do better, with a little bit more aggressive all season tire.
I too had the chance to play with the 4 x 4 today on my way home. It was a solid drive. Love the way it handle the road and accelaration from a stand still.
A few weeks back we got some snow, about 12-15 inches. Now that puts a Nitro to the test. Sorry everyone 2-3 inches doesn't count. :)

The Nitro handled the snow with ease. Never once did it seem like it was gonna get stuck. :cool:
Sounds like all with the 4wd is pleased. The R/T with 20s of course isn't a snow tire. Just think if there were real muddiggers on there how it would go!!!!!!!!11
My SLT with the 17 inchers and factory rubber performed well this morning too. I still think my last vehicle (Jeep Cherokee) was one of the best performing 4wd's, but I am very pleased with the Nitro in the slick stuff today... Thumbs Up!!!
6-8 Inchs of snow fell yesterday in St louis(i am north)...the 2wd Nitro did quite well...i had little trouble moving about with all the ICE and SNOW that was present...Did find it odd driving with the traction control on...Durango owner here 4WD is used when my foot sinks into the snow...The 2wd SLT Nitro is not the durango, but i felt quite sure footed...

Larry is right guys, snow falls in feet not inches.but with over 7 ft. so far this winter the Nitro has not missed a lick. I actually prefer it over the Dak in snow.:Racing:( 2-3 inches of snow is called termination dust) just to set the record straight.But if your not used to snow any amount could cause problems.
Nitro in a Vermont Blizzard - Excellent Performance

The picture speaks for itself but we got a ****-lot of snow today in northern Vermont. I backed our Nitro out through what my wife thought would be too much snow but the Nitro performed extremely well. My son, (in the picture), just got back from a snowboarding lesson and was helping us dig out our cars.
drove the wife to work today as i didnt want to drive the tbird.7" last night in Alb and did delayed rush hour.handled the snow and ice real well,im impressed.
sxt with auto 16" standard tires.
:cool: :D

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