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My rental

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Today I took in my 289 mile Nitro RT in to the dealer to check out a grinding sound coming from the front brakes. Every time you stop at a stop sign, you'll hear a grinding and feel vibration in the brake pedal. People told me that there may be small rocks between the brake rotor and pads. I dont drive no where close to any off road or never go off road... I dont know what it is but its annoying as hell.

Anyways they give me a Jeep Commander for a rental, the basic version but still very nice, drives nice, and feels good... big too... :)

If I was two hours earlier I would have got the fully load Commander :( oh well
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Say it isn't so. What is the mfg. date of your R/T?
Feb 07 :( I didnt have any problems rolling it off the lot, it started like 2 to 3 days ago. I would of done it sooner but I thought the grinding went away, but nope its still there...
Doubtful that it is rocks of any size. Hopefully nothing major. It may be the front pads themselves. As long as you were not feeling a rocking motion while driving slowly with the brake depressed you most likely do not have warped rotors or anything major like that. Don't panic, you'll probably get your ride back tomorrow evening.:cool:
I hope so, but for now I'm going to have fun with this rental. Again its nice to drive!

oh yeah, when braking there is no rocking motion while slowing down. Just the grinding sound and vibration from the brake pedal... It almost sounds like running your fingers on a dry peice of glass.... or thats the way it feels...
I had the brake pad come unglued from the backing plate on my Dakota once. The result was the backing plate grinding right on the disc.... metal on metal. The wheels on these Nitros are so wide open you can see the discs pretty easily & look for grooves.
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