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My Silver Nitro is Turning me Grey!!!

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First let me say I love everything about the Nitro.....EXCEPT....what a nightmare of a transmission!!! My new Nitro is in the shop and has been for over a week...they say they are going to replace torque converter but cannot even get the part to do so!! What a big disappointment!!! I dont think you can beat the Nitro for the money but needless to say this whole repair thing is making me grey before my hair is starting to match the color of my Nitro hehehehehe!! Anyway....guess we will see what the fix does....
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Welcome to the forum! Sorry for your troubles though :(
No one needs greys before their time!

With that said, check out this thread in our TSB section. There is a lot of talk regarding the transmission issues.
You might also answer this poll regarding the trans issues.
Here is another thread regarding trans updates.

Well, I see you beat me to it!
Welcome to the site and yes it seems everyone is having a transmission issue. They will get it corrected. And then what will we have to complain about?? Probably gas prices!
Welcome to the site & the trans problem is a bummer. But they will get it fixed for you eventually. Not to worry about the Gray. Heck I had it before I even got a Nitro.:rolleyes:
Yes I'm Going through the same problem, what a nightmare
My Nitro Problems!

I think i have you guys beat. I bought a silver Nitro around Thanksgiving and got to drive it for a month. I was driving down the road when the car stopped pulling. It was stuck in "limp mode". which means first gear. The car sounded like it was going to blow up!! Then it came out of limp mode and started driving REALLY FAST on its own, slamming mine and my daughters head into the back of our seats. I took it to the shop and they "fixed it". Only to have it back 4 more times for the same thing. The last time they worked on it they kept it for 26 days. Then the paint started coming off on the door. They painted it- only making it look worse which put it back in the shop. I was so excited to get a new family SUV only to be disappointed.
I feel for you - I just had the same problem last night. The car went into limp mode and was towed to the local dealer. Not sure what is wrong - I should find out today. What a bummer because I just LOVE my Nitro!
Are the transmissions on all Nitro models having problems or just on certain models?
Just got back from pickingup my Nitro. The problem was with a relay. Everything else tested out ok. Only time will tell.
Are the transmissions on all Nitro models having problems or just on certain models?
NO The four speeds in the SXT / SLT models, and primarily those sold prior to January. Hopefully this problem is solved on future models.
I hope so

My SXT was built in February and 2800mi and some change and so far so good! ;)
so the issue is with the american origin tranny....shocking:i_rolleyes:
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