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My stupid question of the day.

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Okay maybe it's more like my third stupid question of the day, but it's my first on the forum today.

Should I get any and all TSB's performed if they apply to my Nitro regardless as to if I think I need them? For example, the flash for the torque converter. Even if I don't notice a problem, should I have it performed anyways?
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If you can convince your dealer to do them, maybe, however my dealer will not execute a TSB unless the stated problem exists and can be replicated.

I have started to avoid even looking at the posted TSB's unless I have a problem. Then I will search the TSB's for an answer.

What is the old saying, "if it aint broke don't fix it" ?
In the case of the buzzing door panels, it was a total waste of time to get the dealer to "fix" it. The isolated the panels with foam tape but it was not enough to fix all of the buzz. They stated that they followed the TSB as described. If that did not fix them problem I will have to bring it back and they can look at it.

I pulled the panels and covered the doors with FatMat and now there is no buzz and less road / wind noise.
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