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My SXT (LHD ) Auto

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Hey, I recently got the SXT (LHD) Auto, 3.6L.

I'm looking into improving some of the things, I would like to add an Intake and Exhaust for some more Performance.

Next Week I'm getting Limo Tint, Front Bull Bars, and Side Step Bars.

Can any one suggest anything ?
Where would I go to buy the Intake & Exhaust ? I'm in Miami, FL.

Kind Regards,

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Hey Guys, I found this info from the guys of CGS MotorSports.

They are not on our web site yet. It is brand new, but I can give you the part#'s and pricing. The Air Intake System is part# 20145 and the cost is $275.00 / the Cat-Back Exhaust System is part# 60033 and the cost is $419.00
Any Other Suggestions ?
That blue looks pretty nice, I think you are thr first to post one. how about & pick up a t/b.
Nice ride....... you're now in the brotherhood... LoL! Don't you love having something that everyone wants to look at? Mines a SXT in Light Khaki Metallic. I'll attach mine.
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Very HAWT ... Nice color :D
Hi, I got the Lt. khaki also. In Nevada it matches the landscape! I love mine.
t/b is your throttle body, fastman makes a good one. makes a big difference. goes great with an intake & exhaust.:Racing:
elfloj0..Welcome.........You got the blue to match the forum colors didn't you....Looks like a good choice........and any of you guys who haven't posted a pic in the "Members Rides" thread, please do so........Thanks,David

And cmacdo..........Welcome to you too.
You know I've built several Harley show bikes. Restored a 55 Buick Special to show stock condition. Had 4 Mustangs & a Corvette... and I just can't believe the attention these Nitros get right out of the box as a daily driver. We're a lucky group. Great forum... and cmacdo>>> keep representing for the Khaki Crowd out in Nevada... LoL!!!
Sweeeeeeet! What's the full size of the tires & type... and what kind of rims?
I love the Black with the Gray Fenders... Don't like all Black :D
Bull Bars

Where are you getting your bull bars.... I think they look SWEEEEET! Im going with the chrome chrome! [email protected]
I'm not sure yet, Cuz No body has them out yet, at least none that I can find for the Nitro
Sweeeeeeet! What's the full size of the tires & type... and what kind of rims?

see this thread...its all here
Real Nice Ride!

That sure is a real nice vehicle, Love the color.... Good Luck!
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