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My system install Phase 2 of ??

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Well.. I finally had some time to be able to to install my subs/amps/component system into my Nitro. Only took a week. :i_rolleyes:

Here's a few shots of the box creation. The first two are the bottom box. The third are the top boxes. The tubes in the middle are the ports for the bottom box.

Here's a few shots of the 'finished' bottom box. Without the speakers installed. The last pic shows the turnbuckle that holds the box in place. There's one on each side.

And here's the final install pics. The first is the front view (from the front seat) and the last is from.. well.. the back.. The big speakers block out the rear view of the headrest monitors. Keeps it a little more private. :D

Finally a horrible pic of my new radio. I picked up the JVC KD-NX5000. It's a DVD player (3.5 inch screen), navigation (don't have the correct wiring harness yet so I don't know how well that works) and it's gotta 40 gig hard drive built in. Nice screen quality for such a small display too.

I know, it's overboard. But it's what I like. I still gotta clean up the fabric a little on the top boxes. I wasn't done adjusting the amplifiers yet and can't clean it up til that's done.

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Thanks for the comments, positive or not.. I can take em. :Na_Na_Na_Na:


It's not the done done version. I haven't gotten the wrinkles out of most of it as alot of it hasn't been completely stapled in. Alot of this depends on me finding some decent trim for the boxes. I'm hoping to find something this week. Also, it's not tarp, it's blue vinyl. I think the camera flash makes the wrinkles stand out a lot more, but it does need a little smoothing out as well. And also, the amps do have plenty of space above the fans, I also replaced the fans in the units with higher rpm ones just to make sure. I've never really had any over heating problems with them though as I don't drive them 100%. Also, security wise.. I don't like to think about it too much. I like to think that I know most of the 'troublemakers' in the neighborhood, so if something was going to get stolen, I could probably find out who did it.


I never really had any problems with the Audiobahn name. I've had the amps for at least 5 years with no problems. The component system is over 2 years old also with no troubles. I heard at one time the Audiobahn line had some bad equipment, but maybe I've just lucked out. I also realize that 2 is enough for most people, but I'm not most people. :D Part of the reason I go bigger is to shut up a lot of the little punks in the neighborhood who pull up next to ya at a red light with their systems full blast distorting all over the place with no balance of highs/midrange/bass.

Also, the seats do still fold up without interfering with the speakers, so I can still cart around other people in the back seat.
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Who in their right mind would want to be back there
I would. But, then again, I'm not in my right mind. :crazy:
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