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MyGig - Activation Issue Triggers Presets List Corruption

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Picked up my Nitro w/ MyGig in May and Sirius Radio was already working when I picked up the vehicle.

Fast forward now to Sept... Satellite Radio stops working all of a sudden and is asking me to activate the radio through Sirius (note.. not at 1 year timeframe yet and also never received any package from Sirius as stated in Manual).

Call Sirius on Saturday and setup my account and they will extend the activation for a year.. no problem.

When the send the first activation signal using the SID of the unit, it doesn't take for whatever reason. When they use the SID of the Sirius Traffic it works. (note this is in Canada, where Sirius Traffic isn't even an option to subscribe to).

Now.. here is where it gets weird. If I try to use the presets button on the wheel, a message appears on the screen saying unsubscribed channel or something to that effect (yes.. stupid me doesn't take a picture of that but everything else).

As shown in the attached pictures, the preset list shows up blank with 0 pages and I cannot do anything to get it to come up with a list. If I uncheck the "presets list" in the Menu, I see a list of all the channels.

I've tried reactivating my radio online.. no change. I've tried getting Sirius over the phone to send a reactivation signal.. no change.. Tried power on/off, no change. As you can see through the pictures.. tried various options no change....

I tried "very carefully" going into engineering mode and checking if I could find an option to do a factory reset or something to the radio and didn't find anything obvious so just backed out of the menu...

Any ideas folks as to what to try next.. something is messed up here and I'm losing a feature I really like of the radio...

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might have...




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Silly question? Do you have your windshield tinted? Sometimes we find that to be an issue, when it comes to connectivity via the antenna. Also the last suggestion about disconnecting the battery is also a good idea .....Susanne
Aren't all Nitro antennea on the roof at the rear of the vehicle?
On page 222 of the owner's manual, it does say that, but the antennae is at the back (obviously). it also says to keep any luggage or bicycles away from the antennae as well. The only antennae in the front is the GPS one in the dash near the windshield (on models equipped with MyGiG).
:D Thanks Waldorf - I was going to have to check out the dealership lot to verify what I had was what everyone else has :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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