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I have selected you as a potential BETA tester of our newest Software Release (9.807). A package has been sent out, enclosed with instructions and a software update disc.

Below is what the UPDATE will do. Also are the past updates and what they did.

MyGIG with Navigation) Software Versions Definition

9.807 RER/REW/REP Software update disc (same as 1.055 software in Model Year 2009 radios)
· New UConnect Functionality – support of Phone Book Download from compatible Bluetooth Hands Free Phones. A paired phone will automatically download phone numbers to the MyGIG address book. Radio provides Voice Recognition to all names in this download. User can manually store individual names to the permanent address book.
· Added more Bluetooth Compatible phones (many new phones including Motorola Q)
· Human Machine Interface (HMI) improvements
o Added Alpha jump to HDD lists (select first letter in a list instead of scrolling through list)
o Moved JB (Juke Box) tab to FAVORITES under HDD
o New progress icon for downloading music
o Changed some POI icons on the map (removed yellow background)
o Added phone book download status icon under UConnect screen.
· Improved reliability of downloading Maps, Gracenote and application updates
· Major Bug fixes
o Fixed all audio mutes (missing audio) on Start Up.
o Increased the number of Sirius Traffic messages and speed/flow
· Note, iPod support is only available today through Model Year 2009 radios via a serial port out the back of the radio. It is not currently an upgrade for Model Year 2007 and 2008 radios.

9.713 MY08V2.2 RER/REW/REP released March 2008 mailed to all dealers and users
· Enable Wrangler microphone for UConnect and Voice Recognition
· HDD firmware update to prevent Master Cylinder HDD corruption
· Able to play imported compressed music from same album in order of the track number
· Navigation data base improved update software
· SAT preset to new defaults
· No change to Navigation or Gracenote data base
· Note – Mopar Part Number 1-CDL1H111

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I just installed the update without any problems. I have read where some people's music didn't show up for a couple of hours after the update, possibly due to the system reconfiguring. I had already deleted all my music files to start clean, so I'm not sure if that's the case for me.

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Since I'm new to this, can you tell me how to update the MyGig? Do you put it on a flash or burn a disc?

You need to burn it to a disc. When you do, there should be the two files (CD_INFO.CDI & CONFIG.CDI) and one directory (BECKER) in the root directory of the disc. Others recommend that you burn it at the lowest possble speed, but I've not had issues letting nero use it's default speed.

This site ( has a lot of good info on the MyGIG, but seems to be offline at the moment.


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I'm also liking the address book feature. I installed 9.807 with no issues but was wondering if anyone has tried to delete songs from a loaded playlist on the hard drive. I've tried several times with no luck - when I go back and look they are still there. The edit feature lets you select the songs OK, select DONE but nothing happens. Perhaps a bug with this version.
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