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MyGig Issues

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So, I've only had the Nitro a full 2 days and I noticed an issue with the MyGig/Nav radio.

  1. Intermittent issue: When using Sirius, and pressing the page down button, it seems to 'stick' and not allow me to go page by page. It automatically remains highlighted and continues scrolling to the end of the channel list.
  2. Intermittent issue: When plugging in my 1gb USB stick, it takes an abnormally long time to load all the songs.
  3. Intermittent issue: When trying to delete all songs from the HD, it will state it's deleting files, yet will not allow any other radio functions while it's deleting. I've given it 10-15 mins to delete and nothing. After turning off the vehicle for a few minutes (got tired of waiting and went inside then came back out) nothing was deleted when I checked the HDD space.
  4. Intermittent issue: Loading pictures via USB stick. The pictures will not load once the USB stick is recognized and brings up your Music, Pictures, Address Book options. They are all jpg/jpeg files, sized appropriately yet won't load. Seems to happen everytime. After giving it a while to try and load, then getting impatient, I turn off the vehicle. After that loading time, the stereo is hot to the touch.
General question. Has anyone had to have their headunit replaced? With this off and on stalling and the HDD getting hot enough to cause the panel around the nav screen to get warm, I get worried.

Still plenty of factory warranty left and I am taking it in to the service writer when I get to work tomorrow. I just wanted to ask first hand to other Nitro owners if they've had similar issues.

I don't know what caused my MP3's to show up this last time, but it seems when I took my USB stick back to the Nitro for another 1gb of music to be copied, it happened again and all functions cease. Except: for the use of Navigation.
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I have been loading music to the HDD via CD's and DVD's. It much easier to dump 4+GB of music on there with that, havent had any issues, although it takes a ton of time to dump a full DVD with 800 songs to the HDD, 40-50Mins, but it will finish copying the songs even after I have shut down the vehicle and left.
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