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mygig part number

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now that the mygig radio appears to be at least orderable, does anyone have a part number for the head unit itself?
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I would like to know the same thing brother. I just called two different dealers, and they go by "vin#" so the guy has no clue if it's in the system or not.
I found 05064080AE on a Jeep forum. An online retailer listed a similar part number, 5064080, which is the same number minus 0 at the beginning and the letters at the end. Someone more in the know will need to validate this though.

A question to ask once the part number is resolved, however, is if it includes the GPS antenna (or any other necessary parts for that matter.) Good luck, and if you order it we want install pics!
The Sales code for the MyGig unit is RER part number 5064080AD which supercedes to 5064080AE, then 5064080AF and finally NRNMREF 77. I'm not sure what's the scoop is with the last part number. I'm not a parts guys and couldn't begin to guess what's with the last number. All I do know is that this item is backordered National, so none are available.

In terms of what you will get if you were to order this system, seeing its not a kit, will be just the radio, nothing else. Other pieces (GPS antenna, etc) would have to be ordered seperately most likely.
Okay, so, if I call my dealer tomorrow and tell him to order up a MyGig with a part number 5064080AD, will he have what he needs to order one - or at least get me in line? Or should I expect a bunch of "hmm, can't find that in the system" crap. And do I order through service at the dealer? Might seem a stupid question, but hey.
The part number is good. Call your dealers parts department are see what happens. Let us know how it goes.
Okay, so, stopped by the parts department and gave him the parts number 5064080AD. He pointed out (as the above post does, which for some reason I didn't write down) after looking in the computer that it's been superceded to 5064080AF. About 100 backordered, "could be weeks." So, I ordered it up and we'll see. This is what my picking ticket says:

Part # 5064080-AF
Description: Radio AM/ 1087001

Any ideas if the 1087001 means anything useful? And any ideas when a guy might see this thing? February? April? It's going in aftermarket to my Silver SLT. Thanks as always to all the help and resources available around here -
Well i just called my Mopar accesory division and im being told that there is not kit available yet. There are already 69 on order throughout the country with no comitment date. List price for the my gig is $1860.00 There is a GPS antenna available for the REW radio but im not sure on wether the antenna will work on the my gig. Well hope this helped
The 5064080AF is considered a "service part". It is for the radio head only. Mopar is cancelling all orders for that part number. There is no "accessory kit" part number yet. When it comes out, it will have the radio head, ownwer's manual and GPS antenna in it.
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