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MyGig Updates

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The manual in for MyGig in my Nitro indicates that you can go to and get software updates. This link however takes me to the web page for the Chrysler Sebring.

Has anyone else been able to download updates for their radio?


Milford :wave:
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I guess that car had the MyGig system BEFORE the Nitro. If you click "interior conveniences" on the left nav then click "multimedia options" to the right at the top above themain display section, it gives you a dropdown of choices including the MyGig. Then it gives you links below the main section image. It will play Flash videos of the system.
your original question was about updates, sorry I answered a different question! LOL! You are right, there is nowhere on that part of their website to get MyGig software updates.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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