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Does anybody have it yet and how is it, i wil be getting it soon...
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From my understanding... it still on material hold and no Nitros have been built with it yet... Last I heard from guys on this board you are still looking at at March at the earliest. Anyone else with better info feel free to chime in.

Welcome, no MyGiG around these here parts! Take some pictures when you get yours will ya?:Racing:
Mygig & u connect

Ya I definetly will post pictures, if the dealers ever gets the radio and i put it in. Dealers always drag once you buy the car they always give you the runaroung, so we'll see. Does any body have the uconnect working, they also sai i need to get the module didnt come with it, more money to spend.. later giuseppe
I looked into U Connect while at the dealer the other day. Now according to them... its not available yet. Even though my husband said he saw it in the accessories book. His best guess was around $400 installed. I want that and remote start...
No MyGig

Howdy all,

the Mygig ?????? its bugged and DC is working to correct it before sale...


PS: just got my Nitro...WOOOOHOOOOOOo

:Banana01: :pepper: :Banana01: :pepper: :Banana01: :pepper: :Banana01:
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I still don't have mine but Dodge said here is a photo of what it will look like in you R/T.

I have to say the photo dose not do it for me:mad:
Um am I missing something? That isn't a Nitro Dash...
Yes I know, but the photo was all they had to show me:i_rolleyes:
HEHE.. I understand.... that maybe all we are looking at from the MyGig system for a while with the way it sounds right now... Its a shame...

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