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Need help before service appt on Wednesday

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I am always impressed by how much knowledge people on this forum have, perhaps someone can answer a couple questions for me:

I am going in for an oil change on my 07 R/T on Wednesday but I wanted to mention a couple of other things at the same time. There was a post a while back about frustration with having the rear doors stay locked once the vehicle had stopped and been placed into park. This has bugged me since day one. Someone responded they were able to have this corrected at the service center. I mentioned it while making my appointment and the response was that my child safety locks are on and I need to turn them off. Is this correct or is it something bigger than that?

2nd question..I need to update the maps on my Nav system. Is this something I can have the dealer do quickly or is it something I need to do by myself? I could read the manual but I'm being lazy. What is the price involved if the dealer does it?

TIA I appreciate the help
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Unless you live in an area where there is no crime; you might want to give some thought before reprogramming your door locks. If you program the door locks so all doors become unsecured when placed in park this will happen at all locations, not just at home.
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