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Need Help Deciding

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Greetings All,

I am considering buying a Nitro, in fact I would probably already have one if the dealership had the exact package/options I was looking for.

Right now I have an RX-8 and a Kia Sephia. When I bought the RX-8 I kept the Kia for commuting and (better MPG) and cause I have a dog that I didn't want to trnasport in my new car either.

I think a Nirto fits my lifestyle more as I like to take my dog places, kayak, and mt. bike. I don't like driving my Kia any more cause it's getting run down and I don't feel safe. Problem is I just love my RX-8 and it's going to be real hard to get rid of. It would be nice to have only 1 vehicle though.

Things I like about the Nitro are that I can get a lot of luxeries that I don't currently have (leather, sunroof, remote start, Sirius, ...) for a decent price. Things I don't like so much, mainly the MPG. I drive about 30 mins to get to work (not sure the exact distance).

Recently someone broke into my home and stole my RX-8 (along with a bunch of stuff) and he still has the Keys... another nice thing about a Nitro, is the thief wouldn't have the keys, and when I'm at work, there would be no vehilce in the garage for a thief to use to take stuff with.

Anyone can help convince me to get rid of my RX-8/Kia and get a Nitro :) ?
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I had an '06 MX5 that I needed to sell before I could get my new ride. So I put it on eBay and kept watching the prices and finally lowered it to a point that it sold. I lost $4,250.00 on it but, like you, that was less than the dealership wanted to stick me for. I sold it to a pilot at Love Field.
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