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2008, 3.7 SLT 4x4, 2.5 "lift
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Quick disconnect, adjustable sway bar links.

In my endless searching I have not found anything specific to the nitro. That being said, what have the few of you used on a 2.5 lift ? They are required to do anything other than looking cool.

1. I see adjustable links, however the connections are not 90° from each other. (And not said to be for the lib or nitro) I do wonder if one can just turn one end 90° though..?

2. I have taken my nitro down (and back up) a crazy trail after the 2.5 lift. Afterwords my links were bonking all over every bump and quick turn till I got home to retighten them. .. so I need something more admirable.

3. Quick disconnect is key for those times of needed articulation.

Lol, I wish I cared to take photos for everyone. I don't even have Facebook, or any other social media... I'm not the look at me kinda person. Sorry.
If any photos would help let me know, I'll be glad to grab one.
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