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Neoprene Seat Covers

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Hmm... this is the first web site that I find that offers Front and rear seat covers for our Dodge Nitros...


Anyways wondering if Neoprene Seat Covers are good to go. Total cost for front and rears is $514 bucks.... hmm... kinda high there but worth it to protect the seats?

what do you guys think?
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Is there really a need for seat covers with yes seats? That is one thing I am looking at right now and one thing that is pushing me away from the SXT, because apparently the SXT seats get water stains very easy? The yes seats are resistent to water ect right? I will be entering the vehicle alot when I am a little wet (I surf) and the yes seats sound pretty good, do they perform as their advertised?
I def put down a towel but every so often some water could get on the seats, which in past vehicles I never had a problem with. However I was reading through a thread where there were complaints of water actually staining the seats. I didnt just base it on the seats, its only $807 more for the SLT which also includes, the fancy wheel & info display, auto dimming mirror, heated mirrors, and load and go. After months of research, I will see this Monday, thats when I am going to the dealer to finally see what I can find and work out. :smileup:

It sounds like you are ready to buy.

Time to pull the trigger and get that SLT.

Let us see pics when it arrives!!

If I end up getting the right deal and buying one I will for sure post pictures. Its the least I can do for the support I have gotten from this forum. Thanks
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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